Residential, BREEAM

Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid. España


The project responds to the "Madrid 0.0" challenge, launched by Solvia and the Madrid College of Architects. We designed 98 homes to achieve minimum energy demand and maximum comfort for users, understanding them as the consequent evolution of a low-energy housing, in which the predominant idea is "My building is my home, and each home a necessity".

Before carrying out the project we asked ourselves the following question: Is it really possible to build houses in Madrid with the minimum need of active heating and cooling systems? The resounding answer was YES.

However, sustainability in this project is not limited to energy consumption, but the user and their quality of life over time are fully immersed in the idea of the homes. In this way, we achieve homes adapted to different users and adaptable over time, compatible uses with individual and collective work spaces, with maximum interior comfort and almost zero energy consumption.

0,0 La Sense de Solvia is designed following the guidelines of the BREEAM environmental certificate, obtaining a qualification of Very Good.