The chimney effect is the tendency of a fluid to rise when is warmed, due to the fact its density diminishes. This natural thermanl phenomenon is used to evacuate the overheating inside a construction, favouring the exit of warm air through the opening placed in the upper part. This thermanl impulsion can lead to a depression susceptible of picking up cooler air throught the opening of the lower part.

This effect is applied in the Solar Semicycle with the purpose of favouring the extraction of warm, stuffy air from inside the houses during the summer or the warm spring/autumn periods through a grille net and pipes placed in the false ceiling. To intensify the effect, the finish of the extraction piping has been covered with a folded sheet with a big exchange surface, painted in black to favour the absorption of radiation. The extraction lockgate is automated, and it opens or closes according to the season of the year.


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