One of the objectives with regard to energy saving was the incorporation of natural light to the interior of the building, so it has been developed a large central space - an atrium - covered by a complex skylight inspired by the "mocarabe", a decorative element of traditional Andalusian architecture that was used in the coffered ceilings to the reflection of light.

The skylight is composed of two parts: one, the upper, which is responsible for the control of solar radiation, allowing to capture more natural light in winter months, and protect from excessive solar radiation in summer. Its design is based on the solar geometry of Seville latitude - 37 ° N - whereas the solar altitude at noon, on the equinoxes and summer and winter solstices. The lower part, a role distribute light evenly to the interior of the Atrium, through some inverted pyramids that give way to the entrance of the diffused light considering the solar path. We capture 100% of the visible light spectrum, but we reject the infrared which deliver heat. An ingenious study of solar geometry as well as the behavior of light rays to lead them on surfaces, reflective and absorbent, solve the problem. Light but not heat.


Passive → SUN → Illumination


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