The design of the building part of a mesh or configured from the solar background energy matrix, urban geometry and the direction of the prevailing winds in the area promoting the permeability of the building to the fresh wind of "Tide". Matrix geometrically translates the energy loads the environment, creating a mesh that allows spatially mold building. Applied to the maximum volume capable of building such mesh originates a spatial energy matrix, able to solve in its network both the skin of the building and its interior spaces.

The building is the result of a process which, according both to energy criteria as space, allows to reach a free of any formal apriorism architectural result.

In this sense, the fundamental criteria that have fueled the process are as follows:

1 deplete the buildability, in such a way that the origin of the project geometry can be understood as a maximum capable solid, whose empty and subtractions correspond to functional and energy requirements.
2 design with special care the interior spaces of the building, according to the light, thermal and acoustic comfort of the occupants.
3 reinterpret the forms of traditional Andalusian architecture in climatological terms, understanding them as passive systems of proven efficiency, complementing them with systems cant of low consumption.
4. obtain energy performance with reduced demands, in addition, using existing infrastructure (inland heat dissipation), and is reversible in use throughout the year: given the extreme conditions of the summer, but studying in detail their behavior in winter and the other Demi-season periods.
5 design a system of envelope industrializable and active energy: a skin bioperfectible to be developed for the building itself, which will be its main example of application.

These fundamental criteria give rise to an architectural concept Integrator, not powered by aprioristic formalisms but justified as the result of a process, in this way, the building can be identified, making an analogy with an organism inserted in the place whose interior space arises from the interaction between an initial energy and geometric array, a few organs for conditioning the building internally and a skin to interact
with the outside.

Thus "organs" pierce the maximum volume able to emerged from the matrix, qualifying the interior space and performing the following functions:

1 conditioning energy and creation of an own climate.
2. obtaining of the best levels of lighting, thermal and acoustic comfort using natural light for maximum energy savings.
3. structural mesh more economical and compatible with optimum organisation of car parks.
4. replacement of vertical communication and structural elements by elements of lighting and bioclimatism that become a body whose floor slabs are supported and float over them and the structural, locking himself in the surround bioperfectible perimeter around the building.

He is the interior of the building energy lattice (conventionally called "networks of facilities") as a combination of active and passive "specialized bodies". These organs will be "cooling courtyards", "light wells", "ventilation columns", "solar chimneys" and the communication cores.