Main building bioclimatic strategy is to mitigate the thermal breaks, where the continental climates, take place daily and seasonal (summer/winter; day/night). Searched a moderate, gradual acclimation of the gradient between the conditions of exterior and interior of the building, escaping from conventional systems that generally give rise to weather quite artificial and homogeneous, burdensome to the economy and energy sustainability of building both the comfort of the occupants.

Bioclimatic wit is a construction system that provides the maximum use solar and wind energy bioclimatic building, transforms it, accumulates it and distributes in the volumes in which the "areas of development" of the Center are located. In this "genius" most active methods are also integrated and the cooling effects of mulches are exploited. In addition to its direct utility to reduce energy consumption efficiently offer new opportunities for experimentation.

Its energy function is complemented by the distribution (link "development areas" with the "pedestrian street" that vertebra the building), with its structural role in the architecture (and construction) "development areas" volumes and their responsibility for the formal definition, both in its expression (picture) outside, as in the interior.

Subsystems and mechanisms it contains are passive, galeria-invernadero for solar collector for heating, walls and slabs of inertia, effect basement (thermal inertia), insulating curtain, Sun protection (awnings), wind tower to capture the cierzo and chimney effect; and assets, thermal collectors for hot water and for heating and cooling support floor heating by absorption machine.