The newbuilding "Yung Ding Guo Ji" is thought as a new urban center. The project aims to improve the urban environment through extensive bioclimatic strategies in order to introduce the nature environment into the urban context.At the rooftop, skylights are opened to allow the evacuation of hot air,allowing a natural ventilation of the whole building.

We depart from the premise that the first step to achieve maximum energy efficiency and a real sustainable building is to think in an integral bioclimatic design that is thought from the understandingof the place, taking advantage of all the possibilities that it provides us.

How to get the desired constructed area, but minimizing the volume and impactof the construction on the environment? Starting from the total volume that theurban regulation allows us, we thought in the design according to theconstraints of the environment. The height of our building is related with thesurrounding areas at the north and east side of our plot, according to the scaleof the housing buildings. On the southwest corner, arise a tower that it willwork as a milestone in the neighbourhood.

Analyzing the development and growth of Chinese society, RLA believes that it is necessary make their progress compatible with ecological criteria in order to guide their future on the way of efficiency.

We developed a facade protection system in collaboration with Porcelanosa international, using latest generation coating material Krion in a new application.



  • Status In Progress

  • Location Qingdao, Shandong. China

  • Program Offices and Shopping Mall

  • Year 2014

  • Developer Yunding Group




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