The topographic complexity of the plot has been the most complex challenge to compose a building which attempts to bring certain compositional serenity to all surroundings too messy in its volume.

In fact the architectural proposal advocates establishing a socket or urban basement seating construction in topography and on the plinth, compose a building simple volumetry, serene composition and completely horizontal in its main lines of design.

On the other hand, this decision clearly separate a socket of urban scale, where it proposes the construction of all the local r & d with a height of 6 m originates a square raised the grade of the street San Benito used as access, garden and all promotion.

This private access, balcony and square on the street is play place for children, entrance of dwellings and meeting of the community, well oriented to the South and protected from urban aggression.

You will express this volumetric composition emphasizes architecturally designed a simple and delicate wooden box that fits over the stronger piece, smooth and dry that he embraces that, "subtly" disordered composing two elevations where holes pierce the walls to balance these walls.

Socket is home to the double-height spaces of the r & d program of the promotion. This socket presents a few English patios to the street in order to illuminate the entire space of the premises and create small gardens in their access.

In summary, there are four main generating the architectural proposal ideas:

Get that all homes have a double intern orientation North-South, essential to achieve valid bioclimatically homes in our climate.

Achieve a tidy, simple and balanced composition volume that stabilize so outstanding topography.

Closing the building to the North, both compositional and functionally, creating a square of access to housing separated from the street, and allow an area of relationship and children safe, sunny and quiet games.

Get a building rich in typologies and uses that incorporate housing, Commerce and industry in the conviction that these hybrid applications are able to make a city more human than that generated by the sectorization of the uses and mestizo.



  • Status Built

  • Location Avda. de Asturias. Madrid, Spain

  • Program Collective Housing

  • Year 2007

  • Developer Larcovi S.A.L.


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