Valdebebas surroundings has two powerful attraction focus, Felipe VI park and northern Madrid skyline in the southwestern horizon. This surround value leads us to propose a solution to maximize the housing views, for which we decided to fit the residential program in a single tower. An urban landmark that will become a reference in an area characterized by bland linear blocks. Barajas airport air cone is our upper limit, and we configured the 13 trays on which we distribute our typology.

With this volume can get a large percentage of dwellings that have a height greater than the nearby buildings and therefore horizon views, and all of the houses have 3 orientations, essential for the building sustainable behavior optimization. Plus minimize the shadows cast on our own plot, essential to get sunny common areas and released in more than half of the plot the building visual barrier wall.

The current state of the plot (casting about 1 meter below the lowest point of the perimeter) allows us to propose an implementation that minimizes the maximum digging for underground parking. On this, a commercial base that adapts to the topography of the perimeter in order to guarantee the access to the commercial areas, and also is pierced with green courtyards to ensure lighting and ventilation. The roofing of this areas become the exterior common areas in which can be accommodated sports and community facilities.



  • Status Competition

  • Location Valdebebas, Madrid. Spain

  • Program Collective Housing

  • Year 2015

  • Developer Premier Real State


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