Local spas were constructions with pilotis to reach inside the Mar Menor a suitable depth for bathing and also to protect the few inches of skin that bathing suits of that modest times allowed to show from the prying eyes.

We propose the idea of releasing the structure from the ground as a strategy to respect and to liberate the soil from constructions, proposing the restitution of a large natural park of dunes and wetlands continuing the already existing on the other side of the road.

We extend the extraordinary conditions of the landscape of this place, restoring and expanding the physical environment as the real edge-protection of the town.

On this new Park, in which we include dunes, salt lakes, species of ribera, aviaries, reforestation and restoration of endemic plant species, etc... the buildings that have to be materialized are implemented in a soft way (Centre of Thalassotherapy, hotels, services, etc...)


  • Status Competition

  • Location San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia

  • Year 2002

  • Developer San Pedro del Pinatar City Council


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