The building is the result of a National Competition for a Music Conservatory in Almería, organized by the Education and Science department of the "Junta de Andalucía" in which Ruiz-Larrea won the first prize in 1985.

The programe meets the requirements of the Ministry and reminds to a school building whose daily running it is very similar to a university college.

The volume, divided according to different parts of the programme, looks for a simple compositional unity and a clear understanding of it. The plan has an obvious lineal composition crossed by different courtyards, an appropriate typological solution for a building as organized as an educational complex

The project aims to extend the spaces to those interior courtyards, reminding the Hispanic-Arab tradition and making them compatible with a structural and compositional mesh that allows a greater functional adequacy of such a complex program.

Given that the surrounding area of the project lacks of any kind of formal suggestion, the building itself in a resolute intervention, aims to provide character to the area in one single gesture.

A basic geometric modulation frame of 5 x 5 m will be created. This mesh  is capable of responding to the different dimensions of the classrooms required by the program. Indeed, this idea leads to the suggestion of the Pentagram - with its five horizontal lines -  as the formal compositional reference of the Project.

The different heights allowed by urban regulation to the surrounding streets, requires the appearance of an entrance courtyard, an empty space along the main direction and a higher entrance volume that hides the dividing wall of the next construction.

The plan reminds in someway to a musical instrument with his sounding board,the intermediate part with its frets and the head to refine and direct the entire instrument...



  • Status Built

  • Location Almería, Spain

  • Program Music Conservatory

  • Year 1987

  • Developer Junta de Andalucía


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