The project proposes a typological provision which not only allow to solve the program properly but it is inspired by the landscape and climatic characteristics of the place, generating a form aesthetically attractive and singular, capable also of producing greater urban dynamism on the Campus.

The houses are conceived as flexible spaces, with evolutionary capacity, capable of adapting to the changing needs of students: a space of freedom, ultimately, supported by environmental and passive energy strategies which can be even applied and manipulated by the students themselves in the daily use of the building.

The rooms are grouped volumetrically following a provision similar to the of a solar house. The building opens to the South, without obstructing the passage of the prevailing winds. All rooms have, therefore, of direct solar radiation and can be vented across. The shape allows a perception of the architectural space at two scales: the domestic, private, own privacy; and the public, community, own human exchange.

The building is in the form of tape: this building type allows you to find the most appropriate guidelines, reduce the height of the whole (avoiding an aggressive visual impact on the surrounding landscape) and generate a green square garden - always sunny and accessible by bicycle-destined to expand the spaces for the exchange of the Campus. In this square, connected by a space of transit and a few steps to the existing building of the Glas Haus, will dispose of the library and the storage area for bicycles, in such a way is to boost the urban character of the enclave, by activating the links between the new and the existing building.



  • Status Competition

  • Location Tubingen. Germany

  • Program Residence

  • Year 2009


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