In the messy industrial landscape of Tres Cantos, we have embedded with precise composition will one box and a tower. This tower becomes a new reference in the urban landscape. Its shape, the most effective geometrically to the wind pressure, covers his solid shell with a less dense glaze, trying to convert the mass into metaphor of waves scattered by air.

The box contains the complex production city of private broadcaster Sogecable TV (Canal +, Sogepac, Sogecine, etc.). The technological world of the interior is compressed into casings organized based on complex electronics criteria and the exterior geometry is simple, elemental, precise, homogenous and volumetrically concise, not impaires, not distracts.

It's an exploration on the artificial environment that develops the process of producing television images and the need that the media is compatible with luminous spaces, quiet and attractive spaces for people that inhabit it. Where the system is imposed on the detail.

We have worked with materials and costs really low since in these kind of buildings the real deal is in their guts, and however, the building each day surprises us with new images, images that are formed and disappear with the nuances of the daylight and glazes. But surely at night is when the building is more interesting in our opinion. Lights up and starts projecting outward multiple combinations of space and light.

This building concentrates all the companies of the group scattered above Madrid geography in a new "City" organized very rationally thanks to a main street in urban scale from where all the complex program is organized: offices, 6 tv studios, technical services complexes, atrezzo huge warehouses, 1,600 people restaurant, multi-purpose rooms, auditorium, automated files archives for a million tapes, programming, interviews, dressing rooms, 600 vehicles parking, etc, and the entire system rests on a stubborn 7,20 x 7,80 structural grid.

There are technically innovative solutions and some of them for the first time carried out in the television world, such as acoustic panels in the tv studios of precast concrete walls suspended over groups of incredible dynamic behavior springs, motorized printed glasses sunscreens with solar sensors that control its intensity inside the offices, etc.

It is a spatial structure with cavities (courtyards, streets, squares) that reproduce the richness and complexity of a small but attractive urban morphology. Fleeing of initial formal prejudices.

It explores and relies on easily reponibles and industrialized materials, and above all, we have tried to solve the complex overlap of so different scales that coexist (spatial, acoustic, conceptual, technical, functional, etc.) in a response that does not express formal exaggerations, fanfare or cumbersome efforts, but to perceive all with the naturalness and simplicity that we always seek to reflect in our projects.



  • Status Built

  • Location Tres Cantos, Madrid. Spain

  • Program Office and Television Center

  • Year 2000

  • Developer Sociedad General de TelevisiĆ³n y Cine


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