The proposal creates its own architectural space, a urban plaza protected by the shadow of the big cover, able to create a scope of urban scale with a building that seeks its identity in relation with the seafront. Surrounding this public plaza, two lateral parameter: one towards the West with a big lattice that protects from the light coming coming from that orientation and a narrow space between two supporting walls that prepares the settlement with the future building, that will have this height when the small buildings on the East result demolished. This space between two supporting walls advances towards the sea and its privileged situation encompasses the most representative spaces of the program. Some shafts frames the far landscape from the offices, and single out the floor of the General Director in the penthouse with large balconies towards the horizon. The public crosses the plaza and gets below the office building through a large continuous crack that reduces again the scale. Once inside, the whole program is articulated, until the bottom, around some inner courtyards likewise in the houses of Cádiz, where the inner patios enhance the blue in the sky in between vigorous white walls. In this space perforated by light, the slabs floats in the whole empty space, gathered in the bottom with a large canvas over which light slips until a garden that shortens the perspective.


  • Status Competition

  • Location CADIZ

  • Year 1998

  • Developer Social Security Treasury


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