From the Shipping Center of Qingdao, like in the past, China will again open to the world by the sea offering an avant-garde presence. For this reason we were inspired by this great fleet of boats that unfurl their sails to go out and explore the world once again.

The project will become one of the Chinese’s most energy efficient urban development and an economic stimulus for the whole area. An innovative concept is proposed, based on ecologic, social and economic sustainability criteria, in order to reach a lower demand of energy.

For a high density development such as CBD it would be necessary to mix the medium height compact block dense frame with high rise buildings to accomplish the whole build area demanded, avoiding high compact blocks that would congest the urban space. A city model based on detachedhigh-rise buildings does not create an urban network.

Nevertheless, by introducing a dense plinth level, the remaining urban space acquires a human scale and become lively thanks to the buildings activities influence. The lower tower highs allow a better integration in the context.



  • Status Competition. Finalist

  • Location Qingdao, China

  • Program Mixed Use

  • Year 2013

  • Developer Huangdao Municipality


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