The territorial area of the coast of Fuencaliente constitutes a unit perfectly differentiated within the island geology and geomorphology. Its volcanic origin confers unique characteristics that make up a distinct landscape unit as a result. In this part of the island, we have a depleted economy that is has been supporting banana agriculture and European subsidies, being however and by its climatic and geographic conditions a suitable area to accommodate other types of socio-economic economic activities, as it is the tourism.

This coastal stretch concentrate a large number of tourist resources presenting a few indisputable potential within the insular tourism system regardless of a few favorable sea conditions for the practice of nautical sports and enjoyment through the beaches.

This territorial area by its climatic conditions, by the serenity of the sea, the orographic and landscape conditions and by the few pre-existing building, is the territorial most strategic value area for the tourist establishment on the island of La Palma.

Our proposal is to place in the territory a piece with a simple and emphatic formalization which would give the place a new identity, highligthing the lava sea, the seascape and the land that surrounds it, avoiding  both the implementation of unique with iconic character architectures as well as topographical adaptation architectures whose solutions deviate from the goal of building a new dialogue, current and contemporary, with nature and the landscape, acting as mimicry solutions, losing the opportunity to contribute to the landscape with a new hallmark.



  • Status Competition

  • Location La Palma, Canary Islands. Spain

  • Program Spa

  • Year 2015

  • Developer Cabildo Insular de La Palma


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