The project is the result of the first prize in the ideas competition organized by the IVIMA for the realization of 200 public housing in the new urban expansion area within the municipality of Parla (Madrid).

The clean and sharp volumes of the four towers establish a dialogue that enhances pedestrian and landscaped spaces that surround them and emphasize the intentions of urban planning framing the main axis of Parla extension by activating the profile of this new urban and landscape city growth as a reference.

The volume of the building is born, not from a sculptural composition will, but as a response to the comprehensive analysis of the program needs raised in the competition, the relationship between the different housing units, and the optimization of costs rationalisation in such a way to get an architectural composition unit.

The need to build a building on a shoestring budget forces to build each tower with the same form, structural and compositional scheme. Strategies derived from the repetition and execution in series of the product and the use of the maximum number of industrialized elements allow savings in the costs of implementation. The use of two types of mold precast panel, positioned in different configurations resolves the façade of the building at a very competitive cost.



  • Status Built

  • Location Parla. Madrid

  • Program Collective Housing

  • Year 2005

  • Developer Dragados S.A.


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