The solution adopted proposes two pieces whose formal and constructive forcefulness solve the problem of solar, sloping from rationality and economy of space organization in order to assess the building, no specific irregularities from every corner height or volume, marking or suggest ordinances, but the ability of the object to resolve all of them in one compositional device.

These two parts are organized looking, the best solar orientation (trying to avoid the west) with the axis of east-west building, adapting to the alignments of the softer conpendiente streets, avoiding banquear the building, resulting in two clear and compelling pieces . This strategy frees spacious landscaped interior areas, with east-west transparency and allowing maximum sunlight areas, adapting to the differences in height between the streets San Pedro and Road 8.



  • Status Built

  • Location Legan├ęs, Madrid. Spain

  • Program Collective Housing

  • Year 2007

  • Developer Parquesol SCOOP Ltda.


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