The project aims to construct a building which serves to explain to the visitors the content and scope of the Bioclimatic Park, and also serve as reception, information, control and organization building of the bioclimatic dwellings use.

The entire building is raised above all as a bioclimatic building.

Ecological architecture which seeks not to seriously alter the ecosystem, so are blends with the materials of the place and is drawn from lines of slope of the terrain. Own contour materialized are who constructed the building. Do not enter any geometry that is not suggested by the topography of the territory.

The rough stone of the place interprets the walls with which men are protected from the wind. are caucuses of stone volcanic, the same that used them farmers to protect their crops and search the coat to their farms.

Architecture with reduced energy consumption, using the Sun and wind as energy sources.

Architecture which is protected by high temperatures the use of walls thermal inertia and that using stable temperature field under the slabs, introduce them in the interior of the building to create a stream of air that by 'Venturi effect' rises to the high spaces to dissipate through the windows.

With the same criteria three spaces or "chimneys bioclimatic" of high altitude have been designed and whose shooting by opening windows on top of them creates a flow of natural ventilation that dissipates the heat that rises and that drags on the bottom, creating a natural circulation.

The vegetation cover that we remain moist throughout the day, maintains a constant evaporation that dissipates any heat by radiation, and therefore does not introduce heat to the interior of the building.

Architecture with few holes, open exclusively to the South facing to achieve solar energy contribution. Photovoltaic cells in cover and panels s.h.w. complete passive installations of the building.

A piece is therefore the building of the visitor centre quite bioclimatic from architecture. With the absolute will to understand the public that any architecture that is formal, cultural and climate with the place, roots is the objective that should try all bioclimatic architecture par excellence.

It is a building which absorbs all the natural energies of the environment: landscape, tectonics, wind, solar, topological, etc. and with them a great plastic strength architecture models.

Falling between the cracks of the land is accessed by a vestibule, conditioning by wind walls and water cooling elements.

Auditorium for 200 people, temporary exhibition halls, permanent Museum on renewable energies, projection room audiovisual, small library of specialized texts, area of shop on memories of the Park, toilets, cafe-bar and administration areas, complete the program.

The wall becomes through his large and varied climatic and architectural qualities in the real protagonist of the building.



  • Status Built

  • Location Tenerife, Spain

  • Program Culture

  • Year 2006

  • Developer Instituto Tecnol√≥gico Energ√≠as Renovables




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