The projects aims to achieve a unified and powerful image of the new corporate headquarters, as the language of aeronautical technology does.

IBERIA employees are finally shletered together at a new "home", promoting the family spirit that presides over the company.

The idea of some corporations that tends to have several headquarters, would be contrary to the united team spirit that IBERIA wish to project in the future. In addition, in terms of sustainability, a unified proposal exponentially improve the energy balance of the building by reducing the shape coefficient.

Iberia Headquarters will be built from the level 648.50 m (1.50 m up to the security level of 650,00m). The proposal, place the employees over the ground level, so enjoying every one of the exceptional views of the skyline it will be easy for all the staff.

The 1.600 Iberia employees will be located in only two upper floors, all together, in order to achieve a real democratic proposal in where everyone is at the same level. Lift travels are reduced and the accesibility to each work place is easier, looking for a sustainability of use…

According to this, the building floats over the nature and the ground level is liberated in order to place there all the public and relationship spaces, who mare so necessary in this type of corporate headquarters located just outside the city.

The formal aspects of the project are related to the aeronautic tech world, but always bearing in mind the surrounding environment and the company goals. We design “an efficient wing” whose fuel (such as in aircrafts) is the Iberia employees.

The company merger with British Airways is expressed with a new concept of Global corporate headquarters through the five continents, expressed in its five courtyards. The universal design of the new corporate merger is reflected in the design of the building.

RLA´s design, through multiple strategies related to construction, building use and energy saving, is absolutely committed to a sustainable solution from differents points of view: economic, climate, functional ...



  • Status Competition. Finalist

  • Location Madrid. Spain

  • Program Offices

  • Year 2012

  • Developer Iberia


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