The grouping of the various parts of the programme as a whole modulated and compact, it makes possible a unitary, and aesthetically powerful image which is adequate to the scale of the plot and that can be identified as a milestone not only from the streets of the estate but also from the layout of the Madrid-Seville AVE, walking at low speed the linde South of the plot where the Center will be located immediately.

This image attractive and representative of the technological character of the building will be the logical consequence of this project-specific energy parameters. Between these energy parameters the cover design is essential to define the overall shape of the building. Proposes a solution of housing that meet in the most effective way possible architectural of photothermal and photovoltaic capture systems integration.

To do this, cover is resolved with a series of strips specialized arranged in parallel to the axis of the building's West-East, i.e. facing South. These strips will meet two specific and vital functions. Firstly, the optimal uptake of the incident radiation; Secondly, the daylighting of the workspaces.

Get an efficient daylighting is the second of the goals which have been taken into account in the design of the cover. The entrance of natural light is carried out through the north side of the skylight, a proper guidance in these latitudes, with diffuse light during almost all the year.

The whole cover, designed with bioclimatic criteria and optimization of solar collection, therefore, defines the overall appearance of the building. The solar collection area coexists with the holes corresponding to the courtyards and landscaped Interior streets of the building which, duly protected from solar radiation depending on orientation, van entailed the total volume following a pace that traditional arrangements of Castile and La Mancha housing around Interior courtyards that generate pleasant microclimate conditions.

The elevations of the building are formally subordinated to the presence of the cover and the photovoltaic 'Tower' which, as if it were a tapestry of energy, organizes the building surface exposed to the Sun.



  • Status Competition

  • Location Ciudad Real. Spain

  • Program Offices

  • Year 2009


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