The building is presented as a small and hipped construction, standing on the ground in a very peculiar way in order to take advantage of the different heights and gardens of the land that surrounds it.

It is a shelter heavily protected from the weather. Simplicity and order rule the clear architecture that houses a residential program.

It is conceived more as an object in the landscape than as a conventional house "placed" on it.

Concrete, wood, glass, steel, air, light, are the materials used as architecture.

With the intention to provide the cement an earth colour it counts with a light hue. It will make noticeable the effects implied by the aging process in this delicate piece.

A light, quartz-zinc, cover with a very sharp eave, to enhance the lightness of this plane and to simulate the buoyancy effect, floats over this wall. A large glass perimeter runs under the eave around the entire façade separating them.

The abstract and white interiors enhance the luminous character of the space.


  • Status Built



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