The proposed Resort responds to the adequacy of residential needs, the climatic conditions of the place and present in the same energy resources.

From the source passive strategies have taken into account to achieve conditioning moisture as grouped layout of residential units, the empowerment of its buried condition and the opening of holes into courtyards landscaped and wooded. Such strategies are complemented by taking advantage of the prevailing winds, which take form in a vertical element by way of the wind Tower, of Arabian architectural tradition, which collects them and introduces them treated in the home, helping in ventilation and conditioning. In the same way, the Tower of the wind is used to extract both the air stale as the hot air when it is necessary. In addition to the strategies of isolation and protection of high radiation existing in the place, introduce patios, sheets of water and fountains, creating a microclimate in the immediate housing environment.

The residential units are grouped according to a compact, orthogonal plot provided by the functional use of dwellings. Around her, a winding perimeter of car parks that separates the filmed movement of residential area is defined. An irregular edge that marks the containment of ground between the level of the existing wilderness and the new green platform built; a first line of settling of the dust of the desert, under which lie the lower floors of dwellings and in which Pierce was the different courtyards. On this single platform stand out promptly the elements in height of each of the dwellings, whose guidance and mapping facilitates the circulation of air to your around.

The towers are splashing the intervention and allow to visualize the presence of wind, recalling the way in which the own sails of the boats makes it. The interplay of reflections of its forms and its random grouping over a horizon drawn by the sparkling perimeter of intervention, definitely incorporates proposal to the landscape.



  • Status Project

  • Location Doha, Qatar

  • Program Housing

  • Year 2012

  • Developer Private


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