The intervention on the Gastañaga Palace is built on the idea that architecture is a living project, considering the historical preexistences as another material of project.

We cleaned the banal ornament of the palace, we removed the disproportionate and anti-functional mansard roof of the building and left the most powerful and severe fenestration of the building devoid of what is superficial and pastiche in order to revalorize its plastic power in walls, as well as the  abstract compositive order of its hollows.

We painted it all in white to reinforce its abstract quality and we used it as project material in order to, from then on, carry out the following operations:

Adding a square into the city, related to the park in front of it.

Displacing compositively the building by means of a big portico towards the park that transforms the ancient stately home into an institutional and pubic architecture.

Protecting the access and square from the rain with an expressive shelter that gives scale to the whole operation.

Rebuilding a new object with the given topologic material. Trees, squares, layout, textures, light. In short, a new urban space for Oviedo organized around the new association headquarters.




  • Status Built

  • Location Oviedo, Asturias. Spain

  • Program Headquarters of the Oviedo Architects Association

  • Year 2007

  • Developer Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Asturias


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