Like a lighthouse in the night, like a magic lantern, the transparency arisen of a new tower of wood sits on the history of the old large house of the Recoletas  street of Gijón.  This way we maintain its first corridor by its architectural, urban and decorative values in the inside, as well as its adaptation to any new distribution.
We maintain the perimeter wall of the ground floor that resolves with its thick walls the topographical differences of the place with magnificent precision and success. It is the foundational basement that conceptual and constructively establishes its location in the time and in space.  The remainder is an unfortunate superimposition of interventions incapable to resolve the requirements of a flexible and functional office for a use that should vary in time (college institution) just as it is happening in a way increasingly more urgent.
We bet on a mechanism of future.  We propose a technical solution as the only one capable to respond to new programs.
Technical as a tool to take advantage of al maximum the useful space, to do it more flexible and to optimize it by means of a clear location of the nucleus of communications a free adaptable level to any internal organization that would want to be present. Technical as new mechanism to incorporate technologies, closing of little thickness but highly specialized.  It would not be reasonable to intervene in the interior leaving an "old skin" useless, the idea disgusts us.

The architecture, like the city, is a living being where the creative project of the man carries on building over itself the same testifying in each work its cultural moment that encourages him. As so many times in history, the architectures are superimposed expressing their new social demands. We utilize the large house as material of removing architecture, adding, ordering and substituting through the intervention the problems of cornices without resolving, the different relations of height among the adjacent buildings, appraisal of the perimeter small square, milestones, urban turns, etc...  Serenity and transparency in the facade plans, material connected with the architecture of the place, (we walk through the historic precinct surrounded by look-outs, additions, elements flown in wood and crystal).
We propose therefore a semi-hidden Tailor’s Drawer in whose interior the light and the space speak to us of the wonders of the occurred transformation.



  • Status Built

  • Location Gijón, Asturias. Spain

  • Program Headquarters of Asturias Architects Association

  • Year 2005

  • Developer Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Asturias



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