Resulted from an open contest, the project tries to solve the complexity of the program demanded as the urban harshness of the solar, seeking not to declare this complexity, but on the contrary to provide a simple answer that incorporates serenity and order before such programmatic and adjacent clamour. Particularly I have always refused to express the efforts in resolving a problem.

I believe that the quantity of necessary operations before the final answer belongs to the modesty of our position.  It is the solution that matters.  For that we have the technique, to give answer to a problem.  We had to bury a sports group sharing it with the adjacent Public School and the town of Boadilla, to obtain the maximum number of parking spaces, create a centre for the third age functionally independent, the municipal administrative dependences, as well as the logistic and administrative centre of the local police, likewise independent of the previous point. 



  • Status Built

  • Location Boadilla del Monte, Madrid. Spain

  • Program Office

  • Year 2003

  • Developer Ayuntamiento de Boadilla del Monte


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