Whole proposal focuses on leveraging the most possible quality of existing local from the decorative point of view, any time it's an office located in a very special place from the point of view of its representativeness as well as its location shopping, one of the most emblematic corners of the capital.

As well as the intervention is adjusted to these premises and more specifically modify the excessive current appearance that has all the local office Renfe by changing colour and materials of the most unique design elements.
The Interior maintains the use of offices in the attic, library Street plant and exhibition space, desk and small conference room point and acts on the ground basement.

All local alluding to the name of iconic novel of universal catalan D. Ramón Llull Blanquerna, blanqueará into a Symphony of white nuanced on those elements currently painted in strong and vivid colors. This reinforces the abstract character of the space.

The specific design of all the furniture which, following the dictates of the current office used a continuous balanced with the Walnut wood and current socomoro deserves special mention. All of this is collected in all the documentation graph that is provided.



  • Status Built

  • Location Madrid. Spain

  • Program Book Shop

  • Year 2005

  • Developer Generalitat de Catalunya


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