This house explores the advantages energy efficient of agricultural structure passed in time and space as the Canary Gerias for the production of wine in the country. Best ways to defend a high and constant pressure of the wind - the circle - optimization guidelines and local materials as well as systems of inspiration in spatial, landscape and compositional relationships of the piece.

Stabilized double stone place Tosca sheet walls are supported directly in the ground allowing the inner air Chamber function as heat the air distributor of the terrain to the interior through the suction head higher by Venturi effect. Cover it delosa concrete with topsoil and plants native ground, which is kept moist with drip system, favoring the evaporation of the mismay thus guaranteeing constant mass concrete temperature avoiding the effect of radiant response to the interior of the masses exposed to excessive sunlight. Slab of wood with direct camera ventilated on the ground excavated and humidified also drip. Circuit Panel installation of ACS, equipment batteries and alternators for team of photovoltaic panels incorporated into the folding canopies of the porch to the South. Volcanic as insulating material and coating formation covers pozzolans. Treated wood canaria Mulberry controlled logging, plantations, indigenous in the area of la Geria.

In fact, housing is flexible and transformable space between a very strong geometric footprint on the ground and passive systems that enhance the renewal of air, direct and control the fresh sea breezes, they guarantee shadow to avoid heat accumulation of materials and reproduce in a natural way the conditions of comfort flutes provides the nature of a place when we use it sensibly.



  • Status Built

  • Location Tenerife, Spain

  • Program Housing Prototype

  • Year 2000

  • Developer Instituto Tecnológico Energías Renovables


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