In the project baselines were established intervention strategies on the plot located in Ciudad Real outer center o, which housed the old building into disuse of the Bank of Spain. These strategies are based on the following:

Urban scale: Remove the perimeter of the fence of the existing plot integrating the current garden to the public space gaining a northern area of walk and rest in the Centre of Ciudad Real.

Urban recycling: takes advantage (without demolishing) throughout the basement of the building, structure, etc. to win great spatial richness (the Bank vaults) public-use areas. An independent entrance is projected for alternative use.

Structural sustainability

The new building above ground (the former could not been kept by functional incompatibility) relies and orders structurally over existing walls and foundations making possible the use of inexpensive prefabricated solutions of easy execution.

Energetic sustainability

The major bioclimatic strategies are in order to achieve the maximum savings in energy consumption in the air conditioning of the building, which will be proposed to decrease the demand required for spaces hygrothermal conditioning.

To meet this objective the combined action of two energy efficiency strategies is proposed; on one hand, construct the building with an envelope in perimeter walls and cover with a thermal transmittance U value much more than the demanded by CTE, which added to a configuration of southern and western orientation ventilated facade will prevent overheating in summer periods and losses by conductionduring the winter. Thus thermal load to fight in the interior shall be reduced to minimum.

Another action consists in the mechanical air conditioning system complement with a passive air conditioning of admission required for renewal fees, a hybrid ventilation system that in heating period will take the air from the south facade ventilated air chamber, pre-heated thanks to a greenhouse effect created in the chamber, and in summer by air taken from the north green area in shade, which will lead the air through a serie of ducts under the base of the building, pre-cooling the air by air-ground exchange. So to improve the conditions of the air  income on external conditions, gets a lower energy consumption of air conditioning machines.



  • Status Built

  • Location Ciudad Real, Spain

  • Program Offices

  • Year 2012

  • Developer Sociedad Estatal de GestiĆ³n Inmobiliaria de Patrimonio S.A.



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