Every pre-existence is a history material. Architects must work with this material. Today more than ever the new sustainability paradigm guide us as to redirect intellectual and professionally our work.

Intervene in the built heritage leads us to respect and know the memory of what was.

Intervene requires looking at this material with sensitivity, rigor, knowledge, and why not say it with a huge desire to love our past, know how to assess which parts of this material must be reused, what must be rebuilt and which of course required to be eliminated.

In this process is when occurs a creative intensity can be measured from the deep relationship and continuity between the architecture upon which we intervene and the incorporation of our contemporary world as working material. Witness this last indispensable to explain the validity of the past in the construction of the future. The need of understanding the architectural fact as an action from and for the culture.



  • Status Competition. Finalist

  • Location Berlin, Germany

  • Program Art school

  • Year 2012

  • Developer Ernst Bausch Art School


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