Adelfas 98 was born, from first sketches, with the premise of complying with the highest sustainability criteria through the application of strategies that configure the passive architecture of this building.

The freedom emanated from the regulations to realize the establishment, bring us to analyze the plot under energy optimization criteria’s to define the optimal volumetry, guaranteeing the maximum number of dwellings with the right natural lighting.

The block is divided in two volumes, generating alignments to the largest sizes, creating an inside crack of light and ensuring that all homes will be sequenced level with north-south orientation. Those sustainability strategies are based on the one hand; on the “shape factor” study of the volume just for ensure that it is the best which take advantage of the climatic conditions of the place and its relation with the environment. A continuous isolation that include the entire skin to avoid the thermal bridge and the “solar gains”, increasing with that rip in the two-pieced volume, the façade surface which receives solar radiation directly.

On the other hand, we realize a distinction between facades. There is a differentiation between the exterior volume skin, resolved by 10cm rock wool insolation ventilated façade, where vertical holes dominates, and the interior skin, realized with 14cm rock wool SATE system. In that solution takes precedence the horizontal-shaped holes thinking about the relation between those spaces with the green areas that enclose the building.

At the same time, we have decided to design a volumetry aligned to M-30 Street, improving the building presence in its surroundings, collaborating in addition to maintain the street alignment.



  • Status Built

  • Location Calle Játiva, Madrid. Spain

  • Program Collective Housing

  • Year 2018

  • Developer Acciona Inmobiliaria


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