With the intention to relate the building with the city both chamfers, included in the planning, have been differentiated, providing the closest chamfer to Cuenca a greater expressive power, while providing the other a curved design and giving its corners an smooth shape in order to get a more continuous skin.

This asymmetry between the chamfers gives the building, situated in a new area of the city which lacks of urban references, an interesting objectual and symbolic character.

The glass viewpoint, enclosed by the geometry of the two bodies that configure the building, and the possibility of using the color on the nearby big screen, allow to create this corner which shows the orthogonal structure of the inner plot.

Entrance halls and parking spaces, reached from the street, are located on the ground floor. Dwellings spaces are located on the upper levels what provides them the same character. Releasing the basement floor from ramps to access the parking spaces allows to create garden areas on the ground level.

Thus, the building is conceived in such a way that allows to hide the garages, over which a dwelling complex can be found. The existing space between them allows the lighting and ventilation of the garages while providing at the time independence to the dwelling and the parking spaces. Dwellings count with one living room and one bedroom facing the outer part of the building and two extra rooms and a kitchen facing the inner garden area of the building, avoiding the presence of clotheslines in the main façade.



  • Status Built

  • Location CUENCA

  • Year 1996

  • Developer P.S.V.-Cooperativa Villarromán


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