Phase II of the Manubuild project: the works begin

Phase II of the Manubuild project: the works begin

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In 2007, RLA Architects won a competition organized by the Municipal Housing and Land Company of Madrid (EMVS) to build a group of houses in the neighborhood of Carabanchel (Madrid). It was integrated into the Manubuild project, with funding from the European Commission through the 6th Framework Program, whose objective was to promote the application of industrialized and sustainable building systems. The first residential building met expectations, proposing a flexible building model with the capacity to evolve, adapting not only to the changing needs of users but also to the compatibility requirements demanded by open industrialized systems. 

Ten years later we have reached phase II, consisting of the construction of another residential building with 25 houses of Basic Public Protection (VPPB). Again, it is about adapting to industrialized construction standards -based on seriation and repetition- respecting the configuration of the preceding building and achieving maximum sunlight in search of bioclimatic efficiency. 

Facilities are designed to meet current needs, giving a solution as rational as possible, understanding that the efficiency, durability and usability of the same prevails. Industrialization is also energy. The installations meet the criteria of 15kWh / m2 year of demand in refrigeration and 20 kWh / m2 year in heating, this being more demanding than the regulation in CTE DB HE1, limitation of energy demand.