Leading studio in Spain according to the magazine 'A+'

Leading studio in Spain according to the magazine 'A+'

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The magazine specialized in architecture A+ (Architecture plus) has highlighted in its number 23 the RLA study as one of the 30 leading firms in Spain along with other studies of the prestige of Cruz and Ortiz, Idom or Nieto and Sobejano. Among the epigraphs of the article stand out our DNA and architectural values, which are expressed in this way:

The paradigm of sustainability requires a response from architecture from different fields of action, assuming a multidisciplinary approach. A new formal language emerges that expresses a range of concerns that extend to the social, economic and environmental spheres given the heterogeneous impact of man on the planet. In order to offer useful and innovative solutions, in the Rlab research laboratory, we work together with the main companies in their environment to be ahead in their sector, in addition to carrying out a constant labordocente. The result of this "panoramic" vision are refined design projects with an ethical dimension and executed with impeccable technical quality.