César Ruiz-Larrea explains the advantages of industrialization

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Industrialization in building has been a recurrent issue for a century and, nevertheless, it is unfinished: is it a pending issue? Arturo Gutiérrez de Terán, architect and director of FECEA, asked for the foundation of quality studies in building in Asturias, organizer of the Building and Industrialization Seminar held on November 28 at the COAA in Oviedo. He went on to say that the advantages of industrialization have always been considered from the economic point of view to achieve competitive solutions, but also from the point of view of quality, by achieving results that are difficult to achieve through traditional construction "in situ".

Director of RLA Arquitectos, CésarRuiz-Larrea intervened during the day to support these thoughts with a specific case: the Manubuild project, preceding his talk with this quote from Le Corbusier: "Architecture is in the study of the functioning of the forces of matter and not in its forms ".

The use of a typological module organized from an industrialized technical spine and an inner band that, as a patio, channels the difference of energetic potential enters the north and south orientations of the building, allows a great spatial adaptability of the living spaces that , freed from the mobile elements are susceptible to evolve, adapting to the personalized demands of the owners.