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The refurbishment of buildings is usually associated with a specific need due to a problem or damage in the building. However, recently, governments are incorporating a new concept: Energetic Refurbishment.

If a refurbishment is needed, it must be done with energetic criteria. The reason is simple: In Spain about 60% of the houses were built without any energetic efficiency standard. The first energetic efficiency regulations appeared in 1979, placing the existing built park in Spain in a difficult position to fulfilling the commitments with Europe (Europe 2020). In order to reduce carbon emissions, improve quality of life and reduce the energy mortgage of the Spanish families. The government have grants in order to encourage the refurbishment of buildings and regeneration and urban renewal; while professional and business sector has made a significant effort to offer innovative solutions, materials that can be used for this type of intervention.

A thermally well building contributes to the welfare of the users due to a uniform temperature inside, in both, winter and summer.

It helps to reduce the energetic mortgage by reducing the energy consumption by up to 60%.

Increasing the value of the property between 10% and 20%.