+ Lecture "Madrid 0,0". Grupo Via - Great architectural projects. Madrid. April
+ Lecture
"Efficient skins".
Efficient construction systems. Madrid. April
+ Lecture "Recent Work". Master MAYAB. Madrid School of Architecture. April
+ Lecture
"Global Sustainability". Sustainable Week Madrid
. April

+ New urban model forum. Llanes Townhall. March


+ THINK TANK 4x4 Tables. Urban Regeneration. COAC Barcelona. November
+ Lecture "Light, efficiency and architecture". Grupo Via. October
+ Lecture at the "Rehabilitation Summit". III Congress on Strategies for Energy Rehabilitation of Buildings. October
+ "Introduction to BREEAM". Rockwool Campus. October
+ Lecture "Have a Wood Day". Conference organized by FSC and GBCE. COAM. October
+ Lecture "Keys for a Sustainable Architecture". Construction and Innovation I Congress. Madrid. June

+ Lecture
"Recent Work".
Master MAYAB. Madrid School of Architecture. May
+ Lecture "Rehabilitation and livability." 7. Seminar Institute of Construction Sciences Eduardo Torroja (CSIC). May
+ Lecture Working Group GAT19 Guide/3 "Renewable Energy and Consumer Control". COAM. March

+ Roundtable Discussion "Architecture and the city". Presentation at 13th Congress for International Architects of Panama. "Architectures for a new paradigm". Panama City, Panama
+ Lecture "Sustainable European urban models in Southeast Asia". Jinan. China
+ Lecture "Architectures for a new paradigm." MAYAB. ETSA Madrid

+ Endesa Architecture Awards Jury
+ Architecture Master. UIA La Rabida, Huelva
+ Lecture "Architecture in its Ecosystem. Urban Ecosystem. Architecture as organism". International Seminar. Chile
+ Lecture "Energy and Material". CONSRUMAT. Barcelona
+ Lecture "The place as a material". Master MEYAB. Camilo Jose Cela University. Madrid
+ Lecture "Energy as a material". Master MAYAB. ETSAM
+ Lecture "Energy as a material". Granada Architects Association
+ Exposition Catedra Holcim. "Energy as a material". ETSA of Seville

+ Lecture Circulo de Bellas Artes. Madrid. February
+ Roundtable Discussion. La Casa Encendida. Madrid. February
+ Lecture at Madrid School of Architecture. February

+ Lecture "Architecture and sustainability". Barcelona School of Architecture. December
+ Asacción presentation. Awards "Wrap your home". December
+ Lecture VIA Group. Mapfre Foundation. November
+ Lecture "Matter, form and energy". International University of Andalusia, La Rabida, Huelva. November
+ Lecture "Towards sustainable living". Pontifical University of Chile, Santiago de Chile. October
+ Lecture "Recent Work". College of Architects of Chile, Santiago de Chile. October
+ Lecture "New Architectures for a sustainable city". UIMP. Santander. August
+ Lecture "Energy and material project." Estudio Lamela. Madrid. June
+ Lecture "Matter, form and energy in the new"
+ Lecture "The Andalusian Energy Agency." Seville. May
+ Lecture "Energy and material project." MAYAB. ETSAM. Madrid. April
+ Lecture "Facing the architectural project for sustainability." MAYAB. ETSAM. Madrid. April
+ Lecture "Towards a new paradigm in architecture". XVII International Seminar of bionic architecture. Fundación Antonio Pérez. Basin. April
+ Lecture "The social housing and the public sector promoter" Auditorium. Santander. April
+ Lecture "Energy and material project". Master EEYAB. Camilo Jose Cela University. Madrid. April
+ Lecture "Three Architectural Contexts". Barcelona. April
+ Lecture "Recent Architectures for a sustainable world". Construmat. Barcelona. May
+ Lecture "Towards a new paradigm: energy and material project." ETSAB. Barcelona. March
+ Lecture "Recent projects for sustainable architecture" ETSAG. Alcala de Henares. Madrid. March

+ Lecture "Recent Work". COADE, Badajoz. November
+ Seminar "2010 eco-conscious architecture." Madrid. June
+ Lecture Sustainability and Architecture Master. University of Santiago de Compostela. May
+ Lecture "Architecture for a new paradigm". Murcia. May
+ Discussion "Major projects 2010-2011". IFEMA. Madrid. May
+ Lecture Official College of Architects of Huelva. April
+ Master conference in collective housing. ETSAM. Madrid. April
+ Lecture at Hotel Meliá Castilla. March
+ "Sustainability and project". Seminar Gallery OAB. Barcelona. February
+ Lecture "RLA Works". COACM, Ciudad Real. February

+ Lecture Environmental and Bioclimatic Architecture Master. Official College of Architects of Málaga. December
+ Paper. "NewParadigms. Industriallization & Sustainability". Eduardo Torroja Institute. Madrid. December
+ Lecture "RLA Works". Camilo Jose Cela University. Madrid. December
+ Lecture "Materia, Form and Energy". AE Meeting. Buenos Aires (Argentina). November
+ Roundtable Discussion "Sustainable Architecture". UR Matamoros. Monterrey (Mexico). November
+ Lecture "RLA Works". UEM. November
+ Lecture "Energy and material project". Museo Patio Herreriano. Valladolid. October
+ Lecture "Our future lies in quality, in all grades". Spain Architects Congress 2009. Valencia. July
+ Meetings architecture "César Ruiz-Larrea - Carlos Ferrater". Auditorium of Alicante. May
+ Discussion "Integrating sustainable architecture". Ministry of Housing. Madrid. May
+ Lecture Masters in collective housing. ETSAM. Madrid. May
+ Lecture "Rehabilitation and Sustainability". Circulo de Bellas Artes. Madrid. May
+ Lecture "Project for the headquarters of the Andalusian Energy Agency". COAM Foundation. Madrid. April
+ Lecture "RLA Works". ETSA of A Coruña. April
+ Lecture "Architecture and Music". Conservatory of Alicante. Organized by the Association of Architects of Alicante. March
+ Lecture "Natural Architecture". Navarra University. February

+ Lecture "VIII Masters in Renewable Energy: Architecture and Urbanism. Sustainable City ". "Sustainability and Urban Space. Sustainable city. Experiences". UNIA. La Rabida. December
+ Lecture and meeting "Project RLA - Pich-Aguilera". Barcelona. November
+ Lecture "Matter, form and energy." Alicante. November
+ Lecture "Energy Facades". Biennial Habitat Futura, Barcelona. November
+ Lecture "Energy Facades" Presentation Technal façade. Technal Madrid. October
+ Lecture "From planning to construction. Sustainability". COAM Foundation. Madrid. September
+ Lecture "Urban projects in Seville". Seville School of Architecture. Sevilla. September
+ Lecture on Renewable Energy Master. Latin American School of La Rabida. Julio
+ Lecture "RLA Work Exhibition". COAA Oviedo. June
+ Lecture "Industrialization and new technologies"
+ Lecture "Materia, shape and Energy"
+ Lecture Ruiz-Larrea & Asociados. ETSA of A Coruña. March
+ Lecture "Architecture and Sustainability". Grupo Vía. Hotel Ritz. Madrid. February
+ Lecture "Project and works". ETSA of Valencia. February
+ "A case of good practice in the sector: the new headquarters of the Andalusian Energy Agency". Presentation at the Working Group the Technology Corporation of Andalusia. Seville. February
+ "Bioclimatic architecture: New Strategies". Conference on Bioclimatic Architecture Master of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Madrid. February
+ Lecture "Towards a new paradigm. Latest office projects." Polytechnic University of Alicante. February

+ Lecture "VIII Masters in Renewable Energy: Architecture and Urbanism. Sustainable City". "Sustainability and Urban Space. Sustainable city. Experiences". UNIA. La Rabida. October
+ Paper presented at the working group Manubuild Program. "The Spanish Demo: Developments construction". Madrid. December
+ Lecture "X Days bioclimatic architecture". Galicia Official Association of Architects, Santiago. November
+ Lecture at the CEU. "Towards a new paradigm." Madrid. November
+ Lecture "Work study, exhibition, Spanish Architecture". School of Architecture in Tampico, Mexico. October
+ Lecture "Work study, exhibition, Spanish Architecture". Technological School of the University of Virginia, USA. September
+ Presentation at the Working Group Manubuild Project. "New Developments in the Spanish bioclimatical Demo". Delft. July
+ Lecture "Interior Master". School of Architecture. Gabriel Allende. Madrid. May
+ Lecture "Architecture and Sustainable Development". Construmat. Architects Association. Barcelona. May
+ Roundtable Discussion. INNOVA. Barcelona. April
+ Lecture "Architecture and Environment". Green Building Challenge. Chamartin Campus. Madrid. April
+ Lecture "The Transformation of the industry Open Building Manufacturing Systems". Manubuild First International Coference, Rotterdam, April
+ Paper Manubuild  working group , London Programme. "The Transformation of the industry Open Building Manufacturing System". March
+ Lecture on innovative architecture "Arkitech 2007". "Architecture and corporate identity." GRUPO VIA. Madrid
+ Lecture "Spanish architecture". Johannesburg, ICEX
+ Lecture "Master of Housing". School of Architecture. Madrid. February
+ "New Strategies for Sustainability". ETSAM, Polytechnic University of Madrid. February
+ Lecture "Architecture and new technologies." Hotel Ritz, Barcelona, Vía Digital. February

+ Discussion on the CJC University, "Mario Coyula and cuban architecture of the twentieth century". Madrid. December
+ Course and Conference "New Directions in Architecture and Landscape". Meléndez Pelayo International University, UIMP. Santander. August
+ Lecture "Architecture and Built Landscape". Carmen Adams. University of Oviedo. July
+ "Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture Environmental new models." San Pablo CEU University Foundation, La Granja. July
+ Lecture "Projects of Architecture and City". Polytechnic University of Milan, Bergamo, Italy. July
+ Roundtable Discussion Association of Architects, Board of Cantabria. June
+ Lecture "Spanish architecture and works of Studio RLA". Camilo Jose Cela. Madrid. May
+ Lecture "bioclimatic architecture". Master Interior Architecture, School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Madrid. May
+ Lecture "Building projects RLA recent study." Universidad San Pablo CEU. Madrid. May
+ Lecture "Savings and Sustainability". Facilities Department, School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Madrid. May
+ Lecture "Architecture and Landscape." Santander. April
+ Lecture "Sustainable Architecture". School of Architecture, University Foundation San Pablo CEU, Madrid. March
+ Lecture "Architecture and sustainable city". School of Architecture- University of Seville. February

+ Architect selected for "Madrid-Design". Urban furniture DAE. Plaza de Colón. October
+ Roundtable Conference Architecture and Landscape. Oviedo University. Moreda. July
+ Lecture at the College of Architects of Lleida. Course on Architecture and Planning. Latest Projects. July
+ Lecture on Contemporary Design. Intersthull Series. Auditorium Channel. Madrid. June
+ Lecture cycle "La Ventana in Architecture". Construmat. Barcelona. April

+ Rapporteur on Architecture and Innovation. Vía Construcción. Hotel Ritz. Madrid. November
+ Seventh Bioclimatic Architecture Conference. Lecture "Green Building Challenge Project 2003-2005". Selected Building. CENER New Headquarters. Galicia Official Association of Architects, Santiago de Compostela. November 
+ Lecture Innovative Architecture. "Arkitech 2004". "How to implement sustainable architecture". Madrid. November
+ First International Congress. Architecture, City and Energy. CIBARQ4. Lecture "Bioclimatic Buildings CENER"
+ Architecture and Life Quality. "Building and Sustainability, A possible compromise". 2nd forum ARCA. Spain Colleges of Architects Superior Council. COAM
+ Presentation of selected buildings for Green Building Challenge 2003-2005: National Renewable Energy Centre in Sarriguren. Navarre. Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. October
+ Bioclimatic Architecture Days. Canary Islands Official Association of Architects. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. April
+ Contemporary Architects Cycle. Conference "Own Work". Valencia School of Architecture. April
+ Masters in Design and Interior Architecture. Module offices. Madrid School of Architecture. March

+ Lecture Cycle "Signature Architecture". Center for University Studies. December
+ Lecture at the COAC Barcelona. Latest Projects. November
+ Roundtable Discussion "Intervention in Architectural Heritage". Santander. Botín Foundation. September
+ Monograph Course "The Heritage". Rural heritage and sustainable tourism. Cantabria University, Reinosa City Council. July
+ Lecture at the University in Segovia. April 2003.
+ Lecture "VI Master in Renewable Energy: building applications". UI Andalucia, Huelva. June
+ Lecture at Camilo Jose Cela University. Madrid. May
+ Lecture as visiting professor. "First Conference-Workshop on the architectural project". SEK University, Segovia. May 2003

+ "X Technology & Buildings Week". Sustainable buildings. Alicante. February

+ Seminar "New technologies impact and eco-culture". IADE. Graduate Business Administration Institute. Madrid Autonomous University. October
+ "Bioclimatic architecture in Tenerife". Master Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture. ETSA Madrid
+ Presentation of the Recoletas house rehabilitation project. XXX Asturias Official Association of Architects Anniversary, Madrid. May
+ Habitability and accessibility. "New ways of thinking and planning housing." Extremadura Official Association of Architects, Mérida. January

+ "Future Housing First International Congress". Future Housing National Association. Valencia. December
+ Lecture at "Quality Housing. New Dimensions". Castilla La Mancha Government, Toledo. November
+ Bioclimatic Design Conference. Galicia Official Association of Architects. Santiago de Compostela. October
+ Marble, stone and new passive technologies International Fair. Verona, Italy. September
+ Lecture "Bioclimatic architecture". Almería Official College of Architects. Almeria. June
+ Lectures cycle "Architecture and Environment". Barcelona School of Architecture. April

+ Master in "Environmental and Bioclimatic Architecture". School of Architecture of Madrid. (1998-2006)
+ Summer courses. "The construction of the project". Madrid Complutense University. Almería. July
+ "Eastern Market". Cantabria Official College of Architects. Culture Committee. Santander. February

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+ "Seville EXPO 92 Spain Lake".  Technical Architecture and Surveyors School. Sevilla

+ "Architecture in the City". Portuguese Architects Association. Lisbon
+ "Building in Tres Cantos". Madrid School of Technical Architects. Madrid
+ "The City Told, IV". Colegio Mayor Chaminade

+ "Architecture and Landscape". Seville School of Architecture

+ "Integration of architecture in the landscape". Cabildo Insular of El Hierro island

+ "The Monastery of El Escorial". Roundtable discussion and book presentation. COAM
+ "Almería Music Conservatory". Almería Association of Architects
+ "Intervention in historic buildings". Participation in the cycle of 25 conferences. COAM

+ "Drawing instrument in architectural project". Roundtable discussion. COAM