Sustainability, one of the fundamental pillars on which most projects and researches at the office are reached, is understood as a threefold concept that encompasses social, economic and environmental issues.

This leads us to reject models based on the use of limited resources, looking always for a right balance between the social and economic needs which lead us to search for solutions that ensure a suitable environment for the life of future generations.

RLA is in constant innovation, establishing synergies with other disciplines. This professional commitment is complemented by a constant academic work and research, creating an intellectual body able to respond to the complex contemporary demands.

Ruiz-Larrea & Asociados, based in Madrid, is an architecture office founded by César Ruiz-Larrea and Antonio Gomez in 1997. A large team of collaborators from different disciplines in a permanent professional transversality, the office is structured around three pilars: profesionalism, continuous research and academic practice. In an ongoing collaboration with the industry and many public and private institutions, the office develops mid-scale proposals and patents, enriching its research in the field of architecture and urbanism. Courses, lectures, masters are also a constant exchange that fuel the research and design processes carried out at the office.

César Ruiz-Larrea has lectured at the most prestigious national and international universities. He is partner in research and development on architecture and urbanism in different European and Latin American countries, contributing to the professional internationalization of our sector in Spain. In this sense, together with Felipe Pich-Aguilera and Francisco Concejo, he has founded OSA (Office for Sustainable Architecture), an international office which developed a wide professional experience in Qatar and China, with offices in Shanghai and Qingdao.

Ruiz-Larrea & Asociados have been responsable of a wide range of projects, including urban planning, civic and cultural buildings, corporate headquarters, office and residential buildings, private homes and architectural design products. The office has received many awards and professional recognitions such as: Arch Award Benedictus Award (1993), Bioclimatic Architecture International Award in Canarias (2000), International Architecture Award by the National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) Navarra (2001), Innovation Award technology and Spanish architecture Architecture Award (1987), Headquarters the Andalusian Energy Agency in Seville (2006), International Prize of Architectural Innovation Programme of the European MANUBUILD Madrid (2007), Gold medal in Tokyo Green Building Challenge, Construmat Awards, among many others.

His works have been published in several national and international architectural magazines such as: The Sketch, VIVA Architecture, Interior Design, AV (Spain), Domus, Casabella, Interni Annual (Italy), On, DDA, Architectural Review, Techniques & Architecture (UK, USA), Bauwelt (Germany), etc.