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La Geria is an agricultural structure developed in the Canary Islands for the local wine production and known for the uniqueness of its volcanic landscape. Its shape is optimum to defending from a high and constant wind pressure -the circle-, as well as the optimization of orientations and quantity of materials required for construction.

The vines are planted on cones formed in the Lapilli, locally called Picón, and are additionally protected by small dry stone walls. Also planted fruit trees, such as fig trees, in the same way. This type of planting allows plants to root more easily in the fertile soil, while the top layer of lapilli reduced evapotranspiration. In addition, the shape of the holes and the additional wall protect crops from wind. This architecture has been study in the research and development of a Bioclimatic House, which through stabilized double sheet Tosca stone walls relied directly on the ground allow the inner air chamber working as ground air heat distributor to the interior through the upper suction head by Venturi effect.