Adiabatic House

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In thermodynamics, an adiabatic process is the one in which a thermodynamic system (usually a fluid) does not exchange heat with its surroundings. 

The design criteria for the project Madrid 0.0, takes the complete sealing as a basic requirement in order to meet our main goalfor the proposal: to avoid active heating and cooling systems. The argument, wrongly extended, according to which "a small poorly sealed joint is not harmful to the building´s energetic performance" is completely wrong. Even the smaller heat loss may threaten the entire construction. 

In the case of the dwellings projected in Torrejon de Ardoz, the seal is, from the begining of the design process, fully guaranteed. The weak points (mainly joints between different materials) are controlled with additional spacesworking as thermal separators. Moreover, all the installations inside the dwellings are developed in a second skin that envelops all living spaces. This permits the location of switches, sockets and other elements without harming the isolation.