Residential, BREEAM

Calle Játiva, Madrid. España


Adelfas 98 was born, from the first sketches, with the premise of complying with the maximum standards of sustainability through the application of strategies that configure the passive architecture of this building.

The freedom emanating from the regulations to carry out the implementation, leads to analyze the plot under energy optimization criteria to define the optimal volumetry, ensuring the maximum number of dwellings with adequate natural lighting.

The block is divided into two blocks, generating alignments to the longest boundaries, creating an interior crack of light and ensuring that all dwellings are north-south facing. These sustainability strategies are based on the one hand on the study of the 'form factor' of the volume to make the best use of the climatic conditions of the site and its relationship with the environment, in the 'continuous insulation' that encompasses the entire envelope to avoid thermal bridges and 'solar gain', increasing with this break of the volume in two pieces the surface of the facade that receives direct solar radiation. On the other hand, a 'facade differentiation' is made between the composition of the exterior envelope of the piece, solved with ventilated facade with 10 cm of rock wool insulation, where the vertical hollow predominates, and the interior envelope, made in SATE of LR with 14cm thickness. The horizontal hollow predominates in this one, so that the visuals from the interior to the exterior green spaces surrounding the building are maintained.